A Few Interesting Facts About Log Cabins

It's often said that the simplest of things perhaps have the most stunning stories behind them. The same is proved true by the incredible tale of the log cabin. About seven of America's presidents were born in a humble log cabin the names include Abraham Lincoln, James Buchanan and Andrew Jackson. This was why became a symbol of America's politics. Many politicians used it to show the humble beginnings they had and win votes. Abraham Lincoln is very well associated with log cabins. So much so that there is also a very popular toy named Lincoln Logs. It is nothing but a small game that kids play to build miniature log cabins.
The first log cabin was constructed in the Bronze Age, around 3500 B.C. So much is the enduring charm of these simple homes that centuries have passed by but they still fascinate people across the world. Till today the modern architects are building them and evolving them with the changed requirements of the masses.

Originally log cabins were built in Scandinavia and eastern parts of Europe. They were used as temporary shelters and out houses. Unlike today's version where they are constructed in lavish designs and sizes and are used as beautiful homes. In the year 1930 the world's largest log cabin was constructed in Quebec it was named "log château", it was built in a private resort. Even today many resorts build log houses to attract guests. The Upside down house in Szymbark (Poland) is the strangest log house in the world as it is constructed upside down.With log cabin size does matter as the log homes now a days are built on a completely different scale. The biggest log home is built for an Oklahoma businessman. It is 114,000 square feet in size and priced at 28 million dollars. The log cabins have become a style statement as more and more people are spending huge sums of money to build them. The tallest log cabin can be found in the city of Arkhangelsk in Russia. It is about 144 ft high with 13 floors and is surprisingly owned by a gangster. It is considered to be half as tall as the Big Ben.

In today's world where the environment is getting damaged every second, log cabin seems like a blessing. Almost every material that is used to construct a log cabin is absolutely renewable and bio degradable. They don't damage the environment and yet they provide durable and safe shelters. Perhaps log cabins are the only form of houses that can be built with the cheapest of resources as well can be made as lavish as possible.

The log cabins have the unique ability to restrain the effect of an earthquake. They can be slanted by tremendous force but they never fall apart. This makes it possible to completely restore a log cabin. That's what makes them a very popular option for houses that are constructed in earthquake prone zones.

These are few very interesting facts about log cabins. The list of facts is exhaustive but in this article I have tried to touch up on the ones that top the list.

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