A Primer on Pressure Washer Cleaning

Pressure washers are the ideal tool for cleaning stubborn dirt and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks. Typical uses for pressure washers include garden tidy up in autumn/spring such as patio cleaning, garden furniture cleaning and even BBQ cleaning.

Many people often use to clean their cars as it is a cheaper alternative to the car wash and normally gives a better result. Variable nozzles enable you to control the water pressure and provide adjustable cleaning conditions. Foam lances provide an even distribution of car washer detergent. You can even get accessories including rim brushes and underchasis nozzels to deliver the perfect car wash.

Today there are a wide variety of pressure washer models and accessories to tackle almost any outdoor cleaning task. Brand leader have the widest range of pressure washers on the market, however is a popular alternative brand whose machines are built to a similar quality.

When choosing a pressure washer it is important to determine the type of cleaning tasks you will be using it for. Entry level pressure washers are typically sold in bundle packs with useful accessories from as little as 59.99. These units generally have a pressure bar rating of 100 bar or less and are suitable for general cleaning tasks. They are great for car cleaning and suitable for outdoor cleaning tasks such as bin cleaning, wall cleaning and patio cleaning.

Bar rating is important when choosing your pressure washer as it determines how strong the pressure is. The higher the bar rating the more cleaning power the pressure washer has.

More professional models have a pressure bar rating of 150+ and a higher water flow rate which delivers more water at a higher pressure, quickly removing dirt and debris. These pressure washers are ideal for larger cleaning tasks such as the cleaning of machinery or boat cleaning. Expect to pay in the region of 300 plus for more professional models.

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