A Recent Trip to Japan Inspired me To Get Some Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Nowhere is space at such a premium like it is in Japan. And because of this, the Japanese have become masters at saving space when and where they can - you have futons that can be easily folded away to create space (instead of traditional beds), and sliding doors where traditional doors would be. And it's those sliding doors that gave me the inspiration to buy my own wardobe for our bedrooms which were beginning to look rather cluttered. We bought some wardrobes with sliding doors and they helped in so many ways:-
  • they reduced the amount of space needed for a wardrobe due to the sliding doors
  • we have much easier access to the insides of each wardrobe than we did with our previous traditional wardrobes
  • we had mirrored sliding doors which helped again with saving space - we no longer needed the separate mirror
Overall, these new wardrobes have made our two bedrooms look a lot more spacious and better organized.

I'm not sure about getting futons in to replace our beds, but who knows in the future....!

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