Add Some Fire to Your Life

With energy bills constantly on the rise and people finding it harder to make ends meet, the home is often now more a thing of function rather than beauty. There are many things which make a house a home, those little quirky touches that make it individual and special. Just one well placed item can transform a room from standard to eye catching. Some simple examples include:
  • A colourful rug
  • A feature wall
  • A fireplace
  • A vase of flowers
In most homes, people gravitate towards the lounge in winter and the garden in summer. It's the idealistic theory of sitting next to a fireplace with the curtains shut, hot drink in hand listening to the rain on the window. Or, out in the garden at dusk, barbecue smoking away next to an outdoor heater, catching up with friends.

A fireplace has been centred in people's homes for hundreds of years. You are drawn to the relaxing ambience from it. Although historically, they were used for more practical purposes, as technology has progressed so has the use of the fireplace. Older fireplaces produced toxic and irritant smoke, so manufacturers have had to come up with safer, more reliable and cost effective fireplaces to meet demand.

A fireplace is a focal point for any room, it makes a statement and really should be a thing of beauty. But in the same instance it also should not cost you the earth to run. A new option that is starting to filter into the UK marketplace is a Ethanol These have been widely available around Europe and America for some time. Some people have gone as far as saying they are a much more efficient alternative than the conventional fireplace. You can't blame them for coming to this conclusion when bioethanol has the same advantages as a traditional fireplace but cancels out a lot of the negatives.

Some advantages include:
  • Flueless
  • No chimney
  • No building permission
  • No reviews have been very positive to is a quasi-renewable energy source that can be produced from agricultural feedstock. There are obviously pro's and con's to every fuel source but ethanol seems to be a clever solution in the current climate. Here are some

    Looks do matter
    Although it is essential to get the cheapest deal you can with your energy source, it is also imperative that you are happy within your home. Why shouldn't you be able to have beauty as well as function? Some of the bioethanol fireplaces for sale really are more like works of art. They would be the centrepiece of any room or garden they are put in with the added bonus of no smoke, so you won't be poised to reset the fire alarm.

    No longer the pits
    Although it is lovely and atmospheric to have a log burner or gas fire in the garden, they would in reality need to be placed on a dirt area for safety, and a lot of smoke is produced from a log burner. An outdoor bioethanol fireplace is a much simpler solution if you only have a paved or gravelled garden area, meaning that even in more built up areas with small gardens, you can still get that cosy atmosphere without jeopardising yours or others safety. Vigilance has always been a must with garden fireplaces, as it only takes one stray ember to catch onto something and start burning to cause an issue. Biofuel is a flammable liquid so does not create embers, making it a lot safer to extinguish and less hassle when burning.

    The ancient roman scholar Marcus Tullius Cicero once quoted, "There is nothing more delightful than one's own fireplace." Over 2000 years later this still holds true for a lot of people. It is somewhere that you can sit and reflect on your day, be it good or bad, or be with family or friends putting the world to rights. A fireplace will always make a home, as so much of our lives will be played out in front of them. They are the extra family member who is always there to brighten and warm your day.

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