Bring Spring Into Your Home With Some Flowers

Well as I write this, the sun is shining down on me in the UK, and that's quite remarkable considering the washout we had in April (the wettest on record). The only thing I miss about my current home is that we don't have much of a garden to speak of. I do love the springtime - the colours, the light, the feeling of re-generation. So if I don't have a garden outside, I can bring into my home the best spring has to offer - lovely flowers!

I love decoarting my house with flowers - in fact, I have a regime of watering them all every morning - you could call me an indoor gardener of sorts! I buy a lot of my flowers at the local florist, but when I'm gift buying flowers, I tend to flowers to my friends and family, since it's just a lot more convenient.

With Mother's Day coming up, I have a few Day flowers ideas already for my dear old mum.

I think in my not so humble opinion, I'm a positive influence on my family and friends, since I've noticed my own love of flowers in the home has extended to my sister, and a good friend of mine - unprompted by me - has started decorating her house with flowers too.

Perhaps the greatest thing I love about flowers is that they mark seasons so well. I only use perennials through the lonely dark winter months, but in spring and summer, it's the short-lived seasonal flowers I love to have in my home.

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