Does Your Property's Heating System Need Its Own Makeover?

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When we think of radiators, it's normally with a sense of irritation: they're big ugly boxy things that interrupt your interior design flow. It's like form losing out to function - the radiator demands its size and shape to be just so - to heat your room.

Is that really true though? Do we need our radiators to look so clunky? Absolutely not. The interior designers have - at last - won this battle. Not by claiming form trumps function. No, by determining that form can work with function. And so now even radiators have joined the "designer set" to ensure your radiators can completely blend in to your room design.

Designer radiators come in all shapes, styles and sizes, so you can find something to suit your bathroom, living room, kitchen or even bedroom style.

However, with the design element added to radiators, you now need to actually see them before you decide to install them. Most designer radiator vendors have showrooms setup just for this need. You can see them, touch them, get a sense of their size and whether they would suit your decor or not.

Some might argue that radiators are something we become "blind" to - we stop "seeing them" - they blend into the background - so why bother with radiators that are aesthetically more pleasing? Because they are not ONLY designed for appearance - they have unique function too. Designer radiators come in all shapes and sizes - they are not limited to merely standing up from ground level along a wall. They can be installed above the floor level, can be vertical in shape, and even much smaller than your standard radiator. This allows you more space for other interior design considerations.

Radiators have come a long way in the last ten years or so - perhaps your property's heating system needs its own makeover!

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