Five Common Garden Lighting Mistakes

At last, temperatures are starting to rise and there's a definite feel of spring in the air. At this time of year, your thoughts might turn to your garden and any improvements you can make to ensure its shipshape for all those upcoming summer parties and barbeques.

One great way to give your outdoor space a facelift is to introduce some lights. However, before you splash your hard-earned cash on these items, it's important to bear in mind some common mistakes made by home improvers.

Too much of a good thing
For example, when it comes to outdoor illuminations, it's possible to have too much of a good thing. People tend to get carried away with these projects and end up using far too many of the products. By leaving some areas of your garden in darkness, you can create much more attractive, subtle and artistic effects. Remember, the aim of your project isn't to turn night into day in your outdoor area.

Highlighting the wrong features
Consumers also often fall into the trap of highlighting the wrong features. There's no point in drawing attention to patches of overgrown greenery or dishevelled sheds, for example. When you are planning your outdoor lighting, take care to ensure that the very best bits of your garden are illuminated.

For instance, perhaps you're particularly proud of your pond, or maybe you have a beautiful rockery to show off.

The runway effect

Unless you want light aircraft to land in your garden, avoid the 'runway effect'. This refers to the somewhat strange tendency of many people to place lighting in strict linear formations. For a better result, aim for more natural, softer patterns.

Unsustainable running costs
Garden lights have improved dramatically over the years in terms of energy efficiency. However, it seems some consumers are unaware of this fact. All too often, people use high-energy products that are expensive to run. To ensure you don't fall into this trap, it's well worth looking out for more efficient products. Many online stores offer a variety of these lights. You can even take your pick from various solar powered options, which cost nothing to operate.

With energy prices on the rise, this is certainly something to think about. Also, you can benefit from the added peace of mind that comes from knowing you're limiting any harm to the environment.

Rushing the process
Another common error made by over-eager home improvers is to rush the process of choosing lights. When done well, these illuminations can enhance gardens for many years, so it's well worth your while taking your time. If you speed through the project and try to get all your lights in one go without thinking through all of your options, you could end up feeling disappointed with the results.

To achieve the best effects, you can create a plan of your outdoor space to help you visualise various different effects.

And now relax…
Once you've completed your project, avoiding these potential pitfalls, you can stand back, relax and admire your efforts. Your friends and family are bound to be impressed by the new additions to your garden!

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