Home Improvements: From Shabby to Sleek

Tired of not having enough storage? Tired of sitting at a messy cluttered desk but lack the funds to do anything about it? Office furniture is expensive. Organizational components can quickly become a pricey mess. How about completely transforming an office from a cluttered mess to a beautiful and functional work space. Start by clearing out the area that will be redone. Then, grab a can a paint if you wish and get it on the walls. Be careful, choosing the right color can be extremely conducive to working, but there are some colors that detract and distract from focusing. Do some research and be sure to choose the right color for you. The next step is to find and refurbish. Choose and accent color that will complement the wall space and grab a few cans of spray paint. These usually run for few dollars in a retail store. Next, find a thrift store that has a lot of home goods. You will need some organizational containers, and it doesn't matter what color or style they are. Also pick up some thrift store photo frames, again in any color or style. Spray paint all of the containers and photo frames your accent color. Thrift stores are also good for finding inexpensive shelving units. Again, a can of spray paint will go a long way. Use the containers on the shelving units to store pens, pencils and other office supplies. Choose some photos, black and white tend to work well, for the refurbished frames and for under around $100 you can completely change a workspace from an organized mess to a function and lovely office.

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