Home and Garden Review: HireJungle.co.uk

With the prolonged downturn in the economy (5 years and counting in the UK), people are still reluctant to spend on DIY related items - even though they have lots of plans for their home (dreaming up plans are free, fulfilling them, sadly not!).

But business wouldn't be business if it wasn't about answering a need. Hiring items - instead of buying them - is a much more viable option for cash-strapped home improvers. After all, how often do you need to use a pressure washer for your patio for example?

When someone asked me to review HireJungle.co.uk, it struck me when looking through their hire home and garden section, just how few items we use regularly. Most DIY jobs are one-offs anyway, so you might find that the specialist equipment you bought to carry out the job just gathers dust in your garage, never to be used again.

Why not hire it?

So I looked through as if I was a regular home owner looking to improve my home. Not only did I find all kinds of equipment for hire, but also ads for tradesmen / handymen too, and private classifieds - all in one place.

As is often the case when browsing such sites - and being given so much information - you do get inspired.

However, it's not just for those looking for items - you can post your own classified ads too - making it a unique "hire" marketplace. It's free to post your ad, but you can pay if you want it featured (so more people see it).

Hire Jungle already boasts 1 million registered users, so there's enough activity on the site to help you find what you're looking for - be it a garden tool to hire, a plumber, or customers if you are offering a home and garden service.

In the end, such a site is as valuable as its userbase. An active and large userbase will make a site more useful. I could see by the depth and breadth of the content published on hirejungle.co.uk that it would certainly be a site I'd bookmark and return to on a regular basis.

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