Houses Today

Modern Homes

These days homes in the UK are mainly built of brick under a tiled roof. Long before these modern building materials came into use homes were constructed of wood or blocks of turf. Viking houses were built in this fashion and most of these had only the one room. There was no need for estate agents as there was requirement for buying or selling - plundering was the order of the day. Imagine living in one room today. Washing, cooking, sleeping and whatever else all within the same four walls. There are similar homes today but they have far better facilities.

Fortunately most of us live in homes with rooms for specific purposes. A living room or lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. And we have a vast choice when it comes to selecting the contents - furniture, white goods, and home entertainment items to suit our individual tastes. Modern home make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable. More costly though. But we do have that freedom to choose and can shop around for bargains and best buys.

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