How to Get Rid of Slugs from Your Garden

Ugh! Slugs! Surely one of the grossest aspects of gardening. Not only are they slimy and yucky, but they will also eat your plants. Ever noticed holes in young leaves close to the ground? Guess who's responsible for that? That's right, our friend (actually our enemy) the slimy slug. You have probably wanted to get rid of these creepy crawly little animals for years, buy maybe you want to avoid using dangerous chemicals, especially on your vegetables. And, of course, if you have small children or pets of any size, poisonous gardening solutions of any kind are best avoided. So what is the slug-plagued gardener to do?

One word: beer.

No, not for you! I'm not suggesting you quit gardening and go on a bender. The beer is for the slugs. That's right, slugs love beer! But why would you want to treat these slimy guys to a drink? Well, not only do they love beer, but they also drown in the stuff. All you have to do is leave shallow containers of beer in your garden or near any plants you want to protect from slugs. Leave the beer there over night and the next morning you'll find dozens of drunk, drowned slugs slugs that would otherwise have been chomping up your lettuce, tomatoes, and celery. Too good to be true you say? Not at all! In fact, it gets even better! It doesn't actually take that much beer to do the trick: just a few shallow dishes of the tasty beverage scattered about the garden will do it. Chances are you'll have more than half a can left for your own enjoyment. You work hard in the garden growing healthy food for your family and beautifying the neighborhood with decorative blooms. You deserve a drink! And now that you're ridding the area of pesky, slimy slugs, you can have one. Cheers!

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