How to Make Homemade Coasters to Match Your Décor!

We are always looking for new ways to spruce up our homes. We try big redecorations and moving furniture. Big scale projects are what we believe we need most. But whether it's ornaments for an Christmas around the holidays or a picture frame for the bedroom, sometimes simplicity is key and the way to making a difference in your home in something much smaller.

A great way to make a change in your home is to personally make homemade coasters! Not only is it necessary in a room's décor, but it can make a huge accent in style! It's a simple gesture that will guests subtly impressed. Lots of department stores don't cater to many different room styles and it can be hard to find some coasters that even match. They're usually too flashy or too boring. So, it's only smart to make your own!

A good way to make homemade coasters for your drinks is to find spare tile. Find some tile you haven't used yet or just stored away. Pick the color that corresponds to what your room is like. The best is to go for something neutral, as to not attract too much attention to the coasters. From there, get any felt you have. Felt is necessary to avoid scratching on wood and makes sliding around a lot easier. Look through your colors and find which one matches to the tile and the room. You'll want something even less bold than what your tile color was. Depending on how many coasters you want, Measure the length and width of the tile and shorten that by 3/8th an inch for the felt. Use pencil to arrange how big the felt squares are going to be. Get a hot glue gun and glue the backs of the felt to the bottom parts of the tiles. Press it down well and avoid any unnecessary bumps that the glue might cause. Even it out well and let dry. Repeat for the remaining coasters. Once all your coasters are dried feel free to use them! Arrange them in neat stacks or scatter them on coffee tables and bedside tables!

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