I Learned the Hard Way that It's Better to Fix Your Roof When the Sun is Shining

They say to fix your roof while the sun is shining. That phrase came to haunt me when our roof leaked badly in a recent downpour. We already knew the roof over our kitchen had a leak, but it only leaked slightly and we just put off any repairs because we felt it wasn't too big a problem. Oh, how foolish we were to somehow think a problem disappears if you forget about it. A recent downpour made the leak bigger, and our kitchen quickly became flooded. The water was everywhere - but I guess we were lucky in that kitchens feature hard surfaces so I guess that made things less of a disaster than if our living room or bedroom got flooded. Having said that, it took a few days to fully remove the dampness from the kitchen.

We called out the first roofing company that could see us at such short notice and thought they'd fixed the leak...until the next rain suggested that they not only had they not fixed the leak, they had made the problem even worse - the kitchen was leaking even with moderate rainfall.

Eventually we found a professional company who actually fixed the leak, confirmed by further rainfalls.

What this taught me was to take heed to the aforementioned idiom of fixing something when there isn't time pressure to get the job down quickly. When you're in a blind panic, you simply don't have the time to do your due diligence and find professionals to do the job properly. If you have no time at all, you're really at the mercy of blind luck. Maybe you pick a company that can do the job properly, maybe you won't. Don't leave it to chance - fix your problems when you're not under pressure to find the solutions!

Article kindly provided by accurateroofingsheffield.co.uk