Keeping the Weeds out of My Garden

I spent alot of time preparing my small garden last year, and planned carefully where I would plant each vegetable and how much I would plant. My husband tilled the ground and I worked it over thoroughly to remove every weed and finally my garden was ready to plant. I had the seeds and seedlings ready and carefully sowed and planted everything just where I wanted it.

Then I watered and watched and soon my garden was looking very nice. That didn't last long though, since the weeds and quackgrass moved in and in spite of my best efforts, it took over. I determined to make a garden without weeds this year, so after the same careful preparation and planting, and waiting for all the seeds to sprout, I sprinkled everything with a weed preventer. I now have a beautiful little garden with only a few sickly weeds showing up, and I can pull those out before they grow much. I am now looking forward to harvesting the bounty of my garden, and even being able to share some with friends and family. I think I have learned a valuable lesson in gardening, and that is the fact that it's much easier to prevent a weed than it is to try to keep up with pulling them once they are established. I will, of course, continue with this method so long as I want to have a garden and maybe over time the weeds will completely disappear since they no longer have an opportunity to drop their seeds and wait until spring to germinate and grow. I think I may even try to expand the garden space somewhat in the future, so I will need to start thinking about what other types of vegetables I would like to grow. I could also possibly use the same system on a couple of my flower beds since the weeds seem to have moved into them for now.

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