Making the Most Of Your Garden With Stairs Access

When's the last time you stepped out in your garden? When we surveyed a number of people and asked this question, we got a lot of surprising answers. Overwhelmingly, we found out that the garden space is under-utilised. For many, it's a place you stare out to from inside of their home.

Our natural follow-up question to such people was rather obvious - so why don't you get out into your garden more? For sure, the weather was a rather expected answer. Inclement weather was the number one reason as to why people neglected to get out into the garden. But the second most popular answer was far more interesting: people felt that their garden was simply not very accessible. Access was only from one door that - in their minds - became an access point that just never got used. The less you used it, the less you saw it as an access point to the garden. Such side-doors (which is the least utilised door in a house) are seen more of a security weakness with the house rather than access to the garden. And so they remain locked for much of the year. Also, on the door locks (or hinges) can make such rarely-used doors difficult to open - another excuse to leave it permanently shut.

But what if you had DIRECT access to your garden from a staircase like this one - allowing you access even from your upper floor? It would make your garden a natural extension of your house rather than the awkward-to-access area it may be right now. Of course, you'd want to find a space-saving staircase to minimise its footprint, and you would need to ensure it uses non-corrosive materials. But with such access to your garden, you could really make the most of your garden.

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