On Giving My House a Complete Overhaul

I inherited my house from my parents, and most of the furniture harks back to the 60s and 70s. It's a testiment to the craftsmanship back then in regards to how they've weathered they years. However, I must just state the obvious here - they just look so dated. When people visit me, I can sense they're feeling as if they're stepping back into the past somewhat. The trouble with me is I'm no DIY enthusiast or home-maker, but even I am feeling forced to sell the old things and bring in new sticks of furniture - a new bed, new new curtains, carpets, and (which I actually bought myself 15 or so years ago), and certainly new wallpaper.

But it doesn't just mean a change in furniture. That's actually the easier part of this makeover. I'm going to need to look at the downstairs plan. The kitchen is just too small, and I never use the dining room at all. I want to knock the wall down between the two and create a bigger kitchen. I do enjoy cooking but I need my space so a bigger kitchen will really help here.

I live on my own so I'll certainly need help with the kitchen makeover, and some help with shifting the furniture around. Still, I need to drag this house somehow into the 21st century.

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