On How Gardening Can Be a Year-round Hobby

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When I was looking to for my own garden via the internet the other day, I was reminded of my grandfather's old gardens. He had green fingers - the ability to let shape and bend a garden to his own will, with ease. He had a skill of creating gardens that accentuated every season. The springs were seasons of outrageous colours in his backyards, followed by the lush greens of summer, and the autumnal hues of brown, yellow and orange. And winter? Well, we often forget about this season when we consider gardening. Actually, it's this season I remember most about my grandfather's gardening skills - he had the most unlikely perennials growing in the garden through winter. Nowadays you can buy for all the seasons - lemon trees, olive trees, bay trees, even miniature orange trees. We are spoilt these days with so much choice from the internet, yet I can still remember having to drive far to find anything remotely exotic to plant in my garden. Whatever you decide to put in your garden, just know that gardening can be a 12 month hobby if you want it to be - there are many hardy perennials out there you can buy.

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