On Planning Compliant Log Cabins

From late 2010, the local planning regulations in relation to our door structures were changed to include garden sheds, log cabins and summer houses.

This was mainly due to the fact that in the the UK we have seen a lot of out-buildings being converted to illegal living accommodation - basically bits of sheds and garages have been turned into bed sits! Apart from being unsightly, they look down-right dangerous. Who knows if the wiring has been installed correctly or that the plumbing and waste water is not being dumped into some one else's property ?

So to combat this blight on the landscape the local planning regulations were changed to try and make it simple to understand what you can and can not do with an outside structure such as a log cabin.

Although it all sounds rather complex, don't worry it is not. If you do a Google search for "planning portal" or "local planning regulations" or compliant log - it will give you a number of good sites full of relevant information. But if you are in any doubt simple call your local planning office and they will always advise you on what to do.

As a general guide your new building must not exceed 2.5m in overall height and not be more the 30 square meters in total floor space.

With our own we have made this whole process simple by manufacturing a selection of Interlocking Timber Buildings and Sectional Timber Buildings to save you the hassle of working out the total floor space. At uk-logcabins.co.uk, our team of experts have over 35 years of experience with timber buildings, and are always on hand via telephone on 0151 709 0969. We offer you free advise on any matter concerning sectional or interlocking timber buildings for home or commercial use.

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