Plastic Bottle Plants and Your Garden

Some of the best DIY things that I have done recently in my garden have been with reusing plastic bottles as flower holders. Most of the time before I throw something away, I always try to think if there is a way that I can just reuse it in a decorative sense so that I can try to show a little bit of my own personal creativity, or even just more so a personal touch. What I usually do is just make sure that the plastic container that I am wanting to use is something that will be able to last for a few weeks outside in the sunlight. This way I donít have to worry about the plastic cracking very quickly and having it then become something that I will have to replace right away. After I have settled on where the best location of the new plant is going to be, then I start to break out the paint supplies. Giving each pot its own personal touch is something that I like to do. Not only does it transform a dull looking piece of plastic into a work of art, but it also gives some much needed color to a space while to plant is still growing. After the plastic has been painted and the paint is dry, then I add the plant that I am choosing to grow. Most of the time the flowers that I am planting get a pot that is painted with colors that will compliment the plant when it starts to grow and bloom. After the plant has grown too big to still be displayed in its plastic home, then it is time for me to move it to a nice place outside. After it has been removed and replaced outside, then it is time to start the process all over.

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