Quick Do It Yourself Tip For The Experienced Renter

I've never been much of a handyman, in fact I don't even own my own home. But just because I don't own my own home doesn't mean that I haven't picked up a few tricks along the way that can keep a place to live in top condition without breaking the bank.

Being thrifty as a renter is just as important as being thorough, so you need to remember to leave your house or apartment in as good or better condition than you left it in, if you want to avoid paying high amounts in fees for cleaning and security deposit retraction. So I'll lay out a few of the best ways to keep your security deposit via a few handy do it yourself tips for around the house.

If you've ever signed a lease contract, I'm sure you've seen large bold letters that tell you not to damage the walls. If you live in a condo or an upper class rental property this is almost always the case. If you do feel so inclined to put up pictures and throw some nails haphazardly into the wall, do be prepared to pay a lot at the end of the lease term for repairs.

Using some wood filler or caulk isn't a wise choice either, because those can discolor and becomes quite obvious that there was a former hole in that spot, and it won't be fooling anyone if the walls are a completely different color. One of the best solutions is to use plain, white toothpaste. Gel toothpaste will not work, it needs to be the paste. Dabbing a little bit of toothpaste into any nail hole or screw bore can fill in the hole without needing a trip to the hardware store for supplies. This can be a convenient last minute solution or the main strategy to tackle all of those pesky nail holes all over the walls.

Article kindly provided by irishroofers.ie