Remodeling a Small Home with a Big Family

Remodeling with children can be a struggle, especially with several small children. With a bit of planning it can be done.We bought a two bedroom home two years ago, knowing we would need to remodel it to suite our growing family. Right now, we are expecting our fourth child. Our plan is to turn the den into a third bedroom. Making one room for the boys and one room for the girls. The den is the bigger room, so it will house the girls. Our lucky little boy will have a bedroom to himself, at least for awhile!

The first step is to have a plan. What are your remodeling ideas? What do you intend to tackle first? Who is capable of what job? Put everything down on paper! There will be plenty of surprises during your remodeling project, save yourself some trouble and have a good solid plan.

Step two is to prepare the children. Let them know what you expect of them and cover all safety rules. If they will be helping in any way, teach them how to do things properly. Whether it's cleaning out debris or hammering nails, show them how to do it.

Step three is containing the mess. It is no fun having children running around spreading dust and debris everywhere. We used heavy plastic and taped off the area we were working in. This worked so well, we never saw any extra dust in the rest of the house.

Step four, tackle your project! Involve everyone. Kid's love to be a part of the goings on in the home. For our children it was a huge delight for them to help build their bedroom. Keep them involved. Don't put too much on your plate. Set realistic goals. Remodeling doesn't happen overnight, especially with little ones in tow. Have fun! This is a great life experience for your children. It is an opportunity to grow closer as a family. Happy remodeling!

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