The Advantages of Vertical Blinds

Finding right window dressings is an essential when contemplating a new interior design. to measure vertical provide complete heat and light control and are perfect for large window areas like bi-fold doors, sliding doors or areas where you may have minimal clearance.

Made to Measure Vertical Blinds Have Fantastic Versatility
Fabric vertical blinds stack tidily and easily, causing almost no obstruction. The vertical blinds also help to maximise your window's view and size. There are three ways to stack the blades when they are not drawn - left, right, or middle split where you have equal amounts stacked on each side. You can use the cord to draw back the blades enough to stack them completely off the window (outside fit). This will allow access through the doors and sliders.

Vertical Blinds Provide Optimum Control of Light
To block out or defuse sunlight, you can angle the blades on the vertical blinds to the exact position that you need. Look for vertical blind fabric that is 100% opaque when drawn, which enables you to control the amount of heat and light that gets into the room.

Contemporary Vertical Blinds Offer Day Time and Night Time Privacy
By simply pulling the control chain, you can angle the vertical blind blades to the position required in order to give you privacy from the neighbours, while still allowing light to come in to the room. As the vertical blinds are fully opaque, you are assured complete privacy from the neighbours at night time and day time, with no shadows forming from outside.

Vertical Blinds Provide Protection against Furniture Fade
Sunlight can cause damage your furniture's colour and quality. If too much direct light strikes your furniture over time, its original colour will begin to fade. Our vertical blinds are designed to protect your furniture from sunlight damage. The flexibility of the blade angle allows you to control how much direct light is hitting your furniture. Your vertical blinds can be drawn across the window with the blades left slightly open, providing protection from the sun and privacy from the neighbors.

Affordable Vertical Blinds

Made to measure vertical blinds are available at affordable prices and are usually one of the cheapest forms of Vertical blinds are particularly inexpensive over large window areas, and are also cost effective to clean and maintain.

How to Choose Quality Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds are available in a huge range of modern, natural colours to suit almost any home or commercial space. High-quality vertical blinds are designed to last a long period of time, feature anti-static properties, and have a strong resistance to dust and mould. When choosing vertical blinds, look for quality powder coated aluminium head rail. The base of the vertical blinds are usually chain linked and weighted, however chainless vertical blind blades are also available. Another feature of quality vertical blinds is the colour matched fabric valance strip. The fabric valance strip is placed into the head rail to go perfectly with the fabric blades.

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