The Beginning of My Gardening Odyssey

Recently I stopped at a flower tent along side the road I was driving on. Not being in a hurry to get home I decided to stop and browse. To my surprise they also sold fruit and vegetables that had been growing and allowed the purchaser to simply replant them. Never having grown vegetables of my own I decided to give it a try. I purchased a few tomato plants, some strawberries, and some hot peppers. It was a cheap purchase costing no more than ten dollars. I did not want to spend to much being this was my first attempt. At the time of the purchase I was not even sure as to where I would plant them. As I looked at my house when I pulled into my parking spot I immediately noticed a perfect area to try my new hobby. In front of my house is a deck. One of the braces for the deck is surrounded by a large crate filled with clean dirt. I assumed since so many weeds grew in the dirt my new items should to. So I began by pulling out all the weeds which was not to troublesome. I had to deal with some very long roots and since I did not want the weeds to grow back I made certain to get the entire weed. After the weeding I leveled off the dirt and began deciding which fruits and vegetables would go where. Each item I purchased came with an information tag. Each tag was useful because they described what conditions were needed for each plant to grow optimally. By reading the tags I made my decision as to where each plant would go. Tomatoes in the front, strawberries in the middle, and peppers in the back. I planted everything problem free. Roughly a month later I picked the hot peppersand they were splendid. My tomatoes are growing fine and some are now turning red. Unfortunately, the strawberries have been showing little progress and I am losing hope for them.

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