Turning Old Clothes Into Cleaning Rags

My best advice and most useful tips for people who want to get started in a DIY lifestyle is one that I have been using for many years. I can only guess at the thousands of dollars it has saved me because I buy hardly any paper towels or dishrags any more. This DIY tip works because it saves money, and also utilizes recycling principals. When my family has worn out clothes and they are too ragged to be donated to a thrift store, I take them to the kitchen or another work area and begin to cut them up. I cut them into square shapes, and sometimes eclectic shapes, to be used as dishrags and cleaning towels. Some of the scraps of materials I keep in the garage to be used when we wash the car. Others I keep in a drawer in the kitchen so that they are handy when I need to wash or dry the dishes. Another good use for them comes when it is time to dust the house. The uses are really limitless, and you can use them for anything that you would use a store bought rag for. This simply DIY tip helps me save money and also live a greener lifestyle. It helps me to get the most out of old clothes instead of just simply throwing them away. When you throw away old clothes into the garbage they end up in your local landfill contributing to unnecessary trash, when they still have a lot of life and use left in them. DIY is all about thinking outside of the box and being creative, as well as taking creation into your own hands. After I began cutting up old clothes to be used as cleaning rags, I realized it is a complete waste of money to buy rags for this purpose at the store.

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