UK Homes

Most of the homes in the Uk fall into just four categories - detached, semi-detached, terraced, and flat/apartment. Located in cities, towns, villages, and scattered small hamlets they offer a secure base from which we run our daily lives. But not everyone lives in one of these homes. Other types of dwelling providing us with shelter and security include mansions, mobile homes, caravans, and houseboats.

Depending on our financia circumstances we can either buy or rent. Property prices vary according to the type of property, its size and age, and of course (as estate agents are prone to tell us) the location, location, location. Unfortunately incomes have not risen at anywhere near the same rate as property prices making it difficult for many first time buyers to step onto the bottom rung of the property ladder. This leaves little choice - rent or live with parents. Building more affordable homes is one obvious answer.

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