What are Fiberclay Pots?

Beautiful and fashionable pots are a decoration of your interior and a convenient small house for your plant. The pots have many shapes, sizes and volumes, but you can select a special modern material - fiberclay. These pots have many advantages, and you can buy these unique models in the online store You can be sure that here you will find different models of pots with a suitable design, affordable price and excellent quality. You do not need to search for fiberclay pots across the Internet, now there is this amazing site with flawless products. You will like to buy pots here; it is very convenient and fast.

Fiberclay is a unique material created by modern technology by mixing plastic and clay. This mixture makes the material durable and light at the same time, in comparison with replicated natural materials. Fiberclay box is one of these perfect modern models, it is weather resistant, and so you can even use such a pot for the garden. It can withstand the scorching sun and frosty winter better than pots made of natural material. Such pot do not lose color, do not deform. It is absolutely safe for people, animals and the environment.

But there are other more common models of such pots. These are the most popular models among buyers, as it has a stylish design. Fiberclay are not a very demanded material because this is just beginning to be popular. But these three types of design are more in demand:
  • The pots from the Modern collection are made in unusual, original and fancy shapes. They have unique textures and are particularly graphical. Each pot can be called an individual work of art.
  • The Classic collection is represented by classic vases on pedestals and a pot of a classic shape with an ornament. The pots have textures that mimic plaster and cement. The pots from the Classic collection are artificially aged, which gives them even greater similarity with important historical objects and old antique vases.
  • Urban collection. Urban style means modern. A distinctive feature of this collection is the simplicity of shapes and lines. Fiberclay planters from this collection have simple textures that imitate cement and concrete. Pots from this collection are ideal for decoration of administrative buildings, houses in the style of Loft and Hi-Tech or garden interior.
First of all, the pot is only a frame for a flower, it is the flower that adorns it, and not vice versa. A gorgeous plant in the simplest pot will delight both the apartment owners and guests, and a stunted that perishes in an exquisite one will evoke pity and sympathy. The most important condition when choosing a flowerpot is that it should be convenient for the plant, that is, it should correspond to the size of the root system of the flower.

The diameter of the pot is selected as follows: the wider the crown of the plant, the wider will be the diameter of the flower pot. For plants with a height of 30 cm, is suitable a pot with a diameter of 20 cm. Ideal pot proportions are obtained when the diameter is 2/3 of its height. When you choose a pot for very tall plants, such as common myrtle, pay attention to the diameter of the base, it should be at least 1/3 of the height.

Many flower pots go on sale without drainage holes, they definitely need to be done, and not one or two. Beauty is a relative concept. White pots look very elegant, and neutral green and brown will suit any plant. In other words, the pot should either emphasize the beauty and dignity of the flower, or be neutral.

Very important is the stability of the container when growing a tall plant that can sway in the wind and eventually roll over (fiberclay planters are the best choice). The most stable vessels of the correct form are square pots, containers extended to the bottom.

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