When It Comes to Kitchens, Do Not Underspend

As a kitchen fitter, I obviously get to see a lot of kitchens and all kinds of kitchen plans. In my opinion, it's a wise move to not cut costs when it comes to your kitchen. It's the one place where you cook all your meals - a huge influence on your family's health. Imagine a small kitchen with just a microwave, no work surfaces and perhaps a single electric hob? What kind of meals would be made in such a kitchen? Meals of convenience - fast food, essentially.

Make sure you have at least a 4 hob cooker, an oven, a fridge and fridge freezer, and plenty of work surfaces so you can cut up your veggies and generally prepare healthy, fresh meals.

Also make the kitchen comfortable to work in - that means ensuring it's cool enough in the summer with good ventilation options, and warm enough in the winter via central heating. If it's comfortable, you're likely to spend more time there - and it's the best place for the family to enjoy their meal at the kitchen table. Nobody wants to eat in the kitchen if it's too hot or too cold.

Also it's a good idea to leave a big space for a kitchen table - so you and your family can sit down and have a meal together, rather than rush it in front of the TV!

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