What Are The Different Types Of Door Handles?

An often overlooked aspect that really adds that perfect finishing touch to your doors and cupboards is the handles. It can be difficult to know what to choose, especially if you donā?Tt know what is available. So we have put together this guide for you that will help you make your choice of the type that will work for your project.

There are of course door handles that need to have a lock, and those that donā?Tt. So that is your first decision. Usually, a locking handle will only be of the lever variety. However, there are options within the categories that we will explain below.

Lever handles on a backplate
As the name suggest these are handles that are supplied with a backplate. Some will have a locking facility that is lever and a lock or with a turn thumb lock like the ones you commonly find on bathroom doors. Others will just be the handle and backplate with no lock.

Having a backplate gives you the opportunity to choose a range of styles and metals. You may choose to go with a classic shape, curved, square or a more ornate fleur de lys. It will all depend on the building and the type of decor you have chosen. You can also choose whether you want a modern chrome, gold, brass or an iron black. It really does depend on the look you are aiming to achieve.

Lever on rose door handles
The rose is much smaller and usually a circular or square base that connects to the door. This small base hides fixtures and fittings from view making it compact and neat.

This type of lever handle does not come with a lock. However, a lock may be fitted separately if needed and covered with escutcheons to create a seamless finish.

The handles are available in a range of styles to complement your interior design. You may choose a curved, straight, winged or even a square handle. They also come in a range of finishes from stainless steel, to brushed, polished chrome, brass, iron and two-tone.

Door knobs are also available on a back plate which can give you a more decorative design. These back plates are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. You are not limited to having a simple rim if you want something a bit larger and more decorative. These would require a separate locking system if you wanted one.

Traditionally doorknobs have mainly been spherical in shape, but these days you can have square, octagonal, oval, and even a faceted shape.

The range of materials and colours for doorknobs is extensive. You may want to enhance your period building with cast iron, or add a bit of pizazz with a crystal one, there is pretty much every design you can think of. So whether you want a contemporary stainless steel or polished chrome, brass or decorative, there is a doorknob that will enhance your unique style.

Pull handles
These are a great simple design that work on doors that donā?Tt require a latch or open one way, such as cupboard doors or sliding doors. As with other types of door handles, they are available in a variety of styles from curved D handles to T handles and various colours and materials too.

Pull handles are great to use if you are limited on space as well as you can have flush pull handles that are recessed into the door. These flush handles come in a range of sizes and styles and are known as ring pulls.

Cabinet handles
Cabinet handles are all types of pull handles. Whether you have a cup handle or a cabinet knob, they are all designed to work in the same way, you pull, the door opens.

Cup handles are great for drawers, cabinets and even wardrobe doors as they are easy to grip. The design is semi-circular in shape and they are available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Pull handles for cabinets are a way to add a little extra detail. As with the other pull handles, they can be as minimalistic or flamboyant as your interior design requires.

Cabinet door knobs can be just about any colour shape or material you like. Some are even decorated with flowers or patterns.

When it comes to the cabinets and drawers in your home, it is really up to you to choose what is aesthetically pleasing. The only consideration we would advise is that the handle is suitable for the weight of the cupboard door.

Article kindly provided by handsomehandles.co.uk

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