10 Tips on How to Protect your Home from Burglary

With various security methods now available to us, keeping your home and it's belongings safe these days is a lot easier than it used to be; this being said however, criminals are always adapting and finding new ways to break into your home. Here are just 10 easy steps you can take which could make the difference to being burgled or not.

1. Don't flash your cash
Maybe the most obvious of them all. Hiding expensive items such as cars, bikes, barbecues etc. in the garage or out the back makes you much less of a target for criminals. If they can't see what you've got, there's a much smaller chance of them entering your home, as it's too risky for them and they might not even find anything. Also, avoid leaving any sorts of cash or car keys on display at the windows, as this is just another incentive for a burglar to enter your home.

2. Install appropriate locks
One of the most simple and effective ways of keeping your home safe from robbery is by simply locking your doors. According to Neil from "Ensuring you have appropriate locks fitted around your house makes it much more difficult for burglars to get in; and making sure they are locked at all times when you're out the house or going to bed is a must." Padlocks can also be fitted on gates or bikes just for that extra bit of security.

3. Install a burglar alarm
Making sure you have a visible burglar alarm is a huge deterrent for burglars. Not only does it alert you (and the rest of the neighbourhood) if it goes off, but it warns off burglars due to the fear of being caught. If they can clearly see your alarm, the chances are they'll leave your house alone.

4. Buy a safe
Sometimes it is easy to leave possessions such as jewellery, passports, and debit cards lying around the house, however this makes you very vulnerable if you were to be burgled, and you could cause a lot of hassle. An easy way to prevent this from happening and to ensure the safety of all items is to keep them all in a safe. Not only does this prevent burglars from getting into the safe, but it also means you are less likely to lose them yourself, as they are all in one place.

5. Security cameras
Security cameras, similarly to burglar alarms, also act as a deterrent for burglars. If they know that you can see them, they are much less likely to try and steal anything. Not only does this deter them away from your property, it also means that of they do steal anything, there is a much higher chance of catching them due to CCTV footage, which can be shown to the police.

6. Lights on
Although not appropriate all the time, leaving lights, radios, or televisions on can prevent burglars from attempting to steal from your home. This is because most burglars will try to steal something when youâ?Tre out of the house, or asleep as it is easier for them; however by leaving something on in the house indicates that somebody is still home, thus making it much harder for the burglar to go unnoticed.

7. Neighbourhood watch
Joining or starting up a neighbourhood watch in your area can make a huge difference to the number of burglaries within it. A neighbourhood watch program allows you to get to know your neighbours better, and a better relationship of trust can be built with them. This means that your neighbours are more likely to look out for you and your belongings when you can't. Signs and badges are also put up for people to see, which warns burglars off.

8. Put your tools away
Leaving around tools such as hammers and crowbars makes your house much more of a target. Burglars don't usually like to carry around tools with them themselves as it can draw attention to them. They are much more likely to use what they find on the property, meaning they can also leave it behind when they are finished. If you make sure you don't leave out anything that could potentially be used to break into your home, you are reducing the risk of it happening.

9. Motion sensor lights
Motion sensor lights are another great way of warning off thieves. By having these installed in the front and back of your house, you stand a much lower chance of being burgled. Motion sensor lights come on automatically when they sense movement, therefore if somebody is creeping around at night, they will activate the sensor; and sue to the bright light, it is likely to wake you up, if not your neighbours.

10. Trimmed shrubbery
Keeping your bushes trimmed not only looks nice, but it makes it much harder for a burglar to get away from the property unnoticed. By making sure all bushes and hedges are trimmed short, it makes it much easier for you to see anyone coming in/out of your property. It also makes it much harder for a burglar to hide if there is no where big enough.

These are just a 10 cheap and simple tips that could keep your belongings safe, and if you take them on board, it could make a difference.

Article kindly provided by handletrade.co.uk

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