10 Top Tips To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

We all want to save money on ourheating and use it the best efficient way possible. Here are a few heating tips to help you savemoney on it.

  1. If you can decorate your home forwarmth this will help your energy bills keep low. Use blankets and other warm soft furnishingsin your home. Therefore, when say in theliving room you can wrap yourself up in a blanket and keep warm. Good thick curtains can make all thedifference too and keep the warmth in your home.
  2. Dressing for the cold might seeman obvious tip but it is one that people used in the past a lot. Before there were advanced heating systemspeople used to wrap up warm. If you arecold, try putting on a jumper or extra layers of clothing before you switch onthe heating.
  3. Even on a cold day if there issome warmth from the sun open your curtains and let the natural warmth comeinto your home. This will save yourenergy bills and give your home natural warmth too.
  4. Turn down the thermostat isanother obvious tip, but one that we could all listen to. According to Andy from Glow Gas "Turning your thermostat down just slightlycan make a massive difference to your energy bills each year."
  5. Make sure you have goodinsulation in your walls and your loft. Insulation will keep your home warmer. There are sometimes grants to help with your insulation available.
  6. Get an energy audit on your homesefficiency for your energy bills. Mostcompanies will do this for free and let you know the results and where you can makethe best changes in your homes efficiency. You can have smart meters fitted for your electric and gas, so you cankeep track of what energy you use day to day but looking at the on screenmeter. This will help you be mindful ofhow much energy your home is using and should save you money too.
  7. You can get a better rate on yourenergy bills. Look online for a gooddeal for your energy supplier. Therewill be competitive quotes on there and look for the best one for you and yourhome. It is all done seamlessly now sono bother to anyone or any complicated ways to switch over.
  8. Solar panels are another greatway of using the natural sun to heat your home. You can get these easily and could save you up to a third of your bills.
  9. Draft proof your home. Make sure there are no drafts coming in asthat is where your heating can escape to. DIY draft excluders are great for this and will be a great way to keepyour warmth in your home.
  10. Bleed your radiators. This should be done regularly as trapped aircan collect in them and then the radiators won't get as warm as they shoulddo. This will make your energy moreefficient.

Article kindly provided by homeglowgasservices.com