12 Home Improvements You Can Take With You

If you're planning on selling your home in Medway in the near future, then you may be putting off making home improvements as you don't want to improve your property only to move out in a few months. However, there are ways in which you can improve your home that doesn't affect the fixtures or fittings, and of course, they can be taken with you when you move, so you can choose things that are to your taste.

If you're planning on moving home soon, then here are some improvements that you can make - and take with you!

Replacing furniture
Even if you don't want to decorate an entire room right now, replacing furniture can make a big difference to your home. Certain pieces of furniture become a focal point, so changing their style can alter the entire feel of a room. For example, if you buy a modern corner sofa for your living room, it can instantly give your room a contemporary vibe, while opting for a dark floral pattern will give it a vintage style.

Choose a couple of stand out pieces and it will be easy to move them with you.

Potting plants for indoors and outdoors
Want to add some leafy greens or pretty flowers to your garden but are planning to move soon? Invest in some planters rather than growing them in a flowerbed. Potted plants can actually survive better when they're still in their fledgling state, as you can move them indoors if the unpredictable British weather turns. Pots can be filled with most kinds of bulbs, from small shrubs to flowers, or you might prefer to buy some trays of plants from the garden centre in order to skip the first step.

Ceramics are right on trend, so if you want to bring your home up to date, ditch the plastic pots and get some big rustic or terrazzo style ceramics for a modern look.

Another advantage of potting plants is that you can move them around. If you're indecisive when it comes to your garden layout, you can easily move pots around without disturbing them. Don't be afraid to choose a few houseplants too, when you're trying to sell your home, houseplants can cheer up the space and make a home feel welcoming.

Adding room decorations
If you start off with a neutral backdrop, you can easily change your decorations and completely alter the look of your room. Like a certain colour but worried it'll go out of style? Simply adding some accessories gives you a temporary solution, and it's easy to pack them to use in your new home.

Some examples of room decorations include:
  • Mirrors
  • Vases and bowls
  • Candles
  • Table and floor lamps
  • Art and framed family photos
  • Clocks
  • Rugs
  • Throws and cushions
Many of these items are inexpensive, so it's easy to give your room a makeover when you feel like it and change your colour scheme regularly if you wish.

New technology
With so much smart technology on the market, these devices can be used to make improvements to your home. For example, many people are now getting rid of their CD collections, as they can play music through their smart speakers, or are taking their books to charity shops and reading their favourite books on a Kindle instead. This means you cut down on clutter and can use the space for something more useful. Most types of smart technology can be easily removed and installed at your new house, but double check things like smart doorbells, as they can be trickier to set up.

Some types of flooring
Certain types of flooring can be taken up and moved with you. For example, it's easy to remove laminate or vinyl, and even carpet can be removed without causing damage to the floors underneath. However, when you sell your home, you need to let the buyer know that the flooring is not part of the sale and make sure it's written in the contracts. You should also ensure that once your flooring is taken up, you don't leave a huge mess underneath, as it's unfair to the new owners.

As you have read, not all the improvements you make to your property need to be permanent. A few things can be done to improve your home and put your stamp on it, without affecting the actual bricks and mortar, so when you sell, you can take things with you.

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