3 Unique Ways To Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking

Small groves that are present on most laminate floors make it difficult to clean it. This is especially so if you are using traditional cleaning methods. However, if you do your research, youâ?Tll find out that there are ingenious ways that will help you clean the floor without leaving any streaks. Here are 3 unique ways to achieve a sparkling clean laminate wood floor without streaks:

1. Conduct Thorough Cleaning
Like any surface, cleaning a laminate wood floor starts with sweeping. To do this, you should use a broom that has soft bristles. This enables you to collect all debris, pet dander and hair from the floor.

When cleaning the floor, make sure you sweep from the furthest corner of the house to the door. This way, you will ensure that no dirt is left behind. Besides, it helps you not to go back and forth to collect the dirt.

You will also need to mop the floor using a damp piece of cloth. To get the best results, it is advisable to use a clean, soft piece of cloth, especially cotton. Experts suggest that a cleaning solution such as soap poured into a little warm water does better.

If you see that sweeping and mopping do not remove all the stains on the floor, you can decide to use a vacuum for laminate flooring. While many would prefer to sweep, then vacuum, there is no harm in sweeping, mopping, and then vacuuming the laminate wood floor.

Cleaning the laminate wood floor should be done on a regular basis. Otherwise, if you do it once after a long time, you floor will not have the striking shine you are looking for.

2. Use Stain Removers

There is no single way to remove stubborn stains from a laminate wood floor. Many people who have houses with wood laminate floors have for many years applied different methods that have worked.

Some of the notable laminate floor stubborn stain removers include rubbing alcohol, distilled water, baking soda paste, baby shampoo; black tea, and vinegar.

Each of the above stain removers has different preparation method. You need to know which does better on your floor. Of course, it is important to note that different laminate wood floor colors require different stain removal method.

One thing you need to put in mind about all the stain removers is that you only need to apply them on the spot where the stain rests. Clean the other parts of the laminate wood floor normally. But, do not let the stain removal solution stay for too long on surface of the laminate floor.

3. Apply A Laminate Wood Floor Cleaner
Even if you thoroughly sweep, mop, and vacuum you laminate wood floor, you may not be able to achieve remarkable results. You need to apply the laminate wood floor cleaner. This solution, usually sold along with other home cleaning agents ensures your laminate wood floor shines in the end.

There are two ways to use the laminate floor cleaner. The first way is to spray a sufficient amount of the solution onto the microfiber mop pad. The second way is to hold the bottle containing the solution slightly on top of the floor then spray.

When applying the solution, you should start from the corner to the door as you keep an eye on the amount that falls on the floor. Nobody should step on the floor until it is dry. After about a half an hour, look at the floor: you would have achieved a sparkling laminate wood floor without leaving streaks.

Article kindly provided by bestofvacuum.com