5 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Garden

Now that spring is nearly upon us many peoples thoughts will turn to their outside space. Doing a complete makeover of your garden can be both time consuming and expensive. However, there are lots of simple upgrades you can make that can enhance the look of any garden. So, if you are looking to make your garden a more usable and attractive space here are some ideas.

Lay Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming a common sight in gardens all around the UK. Improvements in technology mean that most varieties of artificial grass now looks extremely realistic but with a number of benefits over natural turf. Artificial grass low maintenance, there is no need to mow your lawn weekly all you need a is to give it a regular brushing to keep it in order. Artificial grass is also resistant to adverse weather meaning the days of your lawn looking bare, brown and muddy during winter will be long gone. By laying an artificial grass you will have a lawn that looks pristine all year round.

Add Some Storage
An outside space with things such as bikes and gardening tools laying around is not only untidy but can spoil the look of any garden. By adding some storage in the form of a potting shed, bike store or greenhouse you can help remove any clutter from your garden. This will naturally help give your garden a much more spacious look and feel. When choosing your shed or bike store always try and find an attractive version. That way your storage area can add style as well as practicality to your garden.

Keep Things Tidy by Using Pots
An easy and effective way to keep your garden looking well maintained is by using pots and planters. Well kept pots can help your outside space looking neat and tidy while also offering you the opportunity to add some fantastic colours. Another advantage of pots and planters is that they are easy to upcycle simply by adding a fresh coat of paint. This gives you a cost-effective way of continually freshening up the look of your garden.

Decorative Stone
Decorative Stone and gravels are a versatile and hard wearing material making them an ideal choice for a wide range of garden projects. Available in a number of different forms and sizes from gravel to boulders, is often used for garden features such as borders, pathways, patios and water features. Decorative stone is easy to lay and requires little or no maintenance making it a cost-effective way to give your garden a stunning and unique look. As one of the leading suppliers of decorative stone in the UK, Cloburn Quarry is home of the original Lanark Red and have a wide variety of top quality decorative stones available for use on all manner of landscaping and gardening projects.

Add Some Lighting
Your garden doesn't just have to look good during daylight hours. By adding lighting to your garden, you can give it a more luxurious feel and make it a more usable space. Concealed lighting can be instrumental in setting the mood of any outdoor space. By concealing lighting in pathways, trees or bushes you can make your garden an attractive place to spend evenings. Garden Lighting is also a great way to highlight other features within your garden.

None of the ideas listed above will break the bank and are all great ways to make your garden a part of the home that you are proud of and want to spend time in. Improving the look of your garden is also beneficial if you ever decide to sell your home as an attractive outdoor space is high on the list of many homebuyers.

Article kindly provided by cloburn.co.uk