5 Ways to Use Concrete for Your Next Home Improvement Project

I feel as though concrete has been overlooked in recent years as a home improvement material. Newer materials like PVC are the "flavour of the month" with many. And yet, concrete is an affordable, durable and sustainable material that has proven the test of time across literally millions of projects over the years. Let's take a look at some ways you can use concrete for your next DIY project.

Concrete countertops for your kitchen
The most attractive plus-point of concrete (in my view, anyway) is that it's low maintenance. Not only that, it's often low effort in terms of the build-time too! There's no better example of this than a poured concrete countertop - it can be done in one pour, with zero joints or cracks to be concerned about. This gives you the smoothest possible surface with no cracks to snag crumbs.

A concrete tub for your bathroom
A concrete tub allows you to be flexible with bathroom space. They can have a smaller footprint than a traditional bath, but be deeper. Concrete retains heat very well, so those bathtime soaks can last a long time in a concrete tub without you having to keep refilling the tub to maintain the temperature. A concrete shower wall is low maintenance as it means no grout to keep clean as you would with have with tiles.

Interior walls made of concrete
Concrete is very versatile and has many uses - including interior walls. Concrete retains heat and is energy-efficient, keeping your heating (and cooling!) bills down. Furthermore, concrete makes for a great sound-proofing material, so it might be your go-to material if you're building some kind of studio or a room you know will product a lot of noise. Concrete doesn't have to be dull either - you can paint on it, print on it, give it any kind of design you like.

A concrete fireplace
Concrete shows us another great quality here - it's fire-proof! And so it makes for a great material when constructing a fireplace. It also retains heat very well, so it's really an ideal material for this kind of feature.

Concrete flooring
Of course, it depends on the room...but for many utility-type rooms, concrete is a really practical solution. Concrete is super-easy to keep clean and is sturdy and robust. You shouldn't envisage a dull grey floor when it comes to concrete - it can be any colour you like!

As you can see, concrete can surprise you - it's actually a very versatile, practical material that is often employed for home improvement projects - consider it for your next project!

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