7 Tips to Help Keep Your Carpet Looking and Smelling Fresh

An absolutely-no-exceptions 'No Shoes" policy
This should go without saying, but there are many households who break this rule just once or twice - like when they've forgotten something before going out. "I'll just kind of do a hop skip and jump over the carpet to get my phone!". No exceptions - shoes and carpets do not go together well (but the dirt on the sole of shoe does unfortunately).

Add rugs and other accessories on vulnerable areas
Well trafficked areas may need extra layers of protection. A well placed rug can really help take the brunt of damage, dirt, food and drink spills. Also don't forget to protect the carpet from chair legs with some chair mats.

Don't eat or drink in carpeted rooms if practical
This is the most forgiveable rule to break, as many people will find it too imposing. Having said that, with careful planning you can protect carpets by preventative measures like banning food and drink near carpets.

Vacuum regularly
Regular vacuuming stops dirt from getting embedded into the carpet. Superficial crumbs can be vacuumed up before they become more stubborn.

Maintain your vacuum cleaner
Regularly replace the bag to ensure the suction power of your vacuum is at its maximum potential. This will in turn make your carpet a lot cleaner.

Deal with spills as soon as possible
An obvious one, but needs to be said - any spills need to be dealt with very soon after they occur. If it's a liquid, do a blotting action, don't wipe. Blotting transfers the liquid from the carpet, wiping it....wipes it in. If it's a solid, then gently scrape it off with a knife.

Give your carpets a proper clean by professionals once or twice a year
There's no substitute for a deep clean. You can hire a professional company to do this - they have the tools and experience to bring your carpets back to life. It can add years to your carpets" lifetime if you do this.

Article kindly provided by valuefloors.co.uk