A Hole in the Fence Lead to a Whole Lot of Trouble

We didn't realse just how many holes our fence had until our new neighbours moved in. They had a large dog that found every weakness and hole in our fence. These weren't that obvious to the human eye - these were loose vertical boards that swung open if you pushed them to the side. The neighbour's dog could move them with its nose and he somehow fit through the narrow gap and into our own garden.

Of course, it was sod's law that for some reason the dog couldn't get back into his own garden! And so we would have to locate the opening in the fence (trying every vertical board), open the fence...and then encourage the dog back into the garden he belonged. You can already guess that quite often he just wasn't willing to go back - therefore we had to walk him through our house to the front and then knock on the neighbour's door to present them with their dog.

Another problem with the neighbour's dog being in our garden was that it would frighten our little boy. He was only two years old at the time, and the fact that this huge dog would be in the garden at random times made him scared to go in the garden al all times.

The final problem was something rather inevitable - dog poop on the lawn. In such circumstances, there's no conscientious owner to scoop up the aforementioned poop....so it was down to us to do that. I bought a "poop scooper" at the local pet shop and they asked me what type of dog I owned. I replied with "I don't own a dog".

Clearly something had to be done.

And so we called a fencing company to take a look. They could identify the problems quickly and had it fixed in no time. Our son is back playing in the garden again, and we're getting on with our neighbours a lot better than before!

Article kindly provided by fencinginguildford.co.uk

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