A Look at How to Keep Your Property Secure

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If you've just moved to a new property that isn't a new-build, the first basic tip to securing your home is to change all the locks. The reason for this should be obvious: you do not know who might be in possession of copied keys of these locks. If the property has a long list of previous owners, and the locks look old, all the more reason to start afresh. However, even if the owner you bought the property from vociferously tells you that the locks are new, and the only copy of the key is the one in your hand, remember this: security doesn't depend on the testimony of the previous owner, it depends on what you KNOW.

Another home security tip is to make sure that your garage has a padlock fitted as an extra lock. It's as much a deterrent as an actual barrier to entry. A lot of older garages have locks that are rather flimsy and can be broken with some force, so an added padlock is a good move. Also ensure the door that connects the garage to the rest of the house is bolted from the house-side when you go up to sleep at night. Some burglars see the garage as a way into the house.

Of course, a burglar alarm is a necessity, but a key aspect to installing a burglar alarm is to have an agreement with your neighbours to take burglar alarms going off seriously. Some neighbourhoods have house alarms going off all the time - usually because they've not been installed properly, or the owners are forgetful. This turns alarms from being warning systems to mere "noise pollution" annoyances. Therefore, ensure that you limit the amount of false alarms down to a bear minimum - ensure that your own movements in the house aren't going to repeatedly trigger it going off at night (a good alarm technician should be aware of this problem and install it properly to avoid such an issue).

Finally, develop a neighbourhood watch system, or join an existing one if you've moved into a neighbourhood that has one. As a community, you can spot unusual activity more easily. If you go away on holiday, you can feel more reassured that your neighbours will keep an eye on your house for you.

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