A Look at Some Pest Control Considerations Before Purchasing Your New Home

Pest control is a tricky aspect of purchasing a new home. It's tricky because pests tend to be seasonal creatures, so you need to get an idea of what pests may affect a property all year round.

Sure, you're going to hire a surveyor who will look at the property in detail and SHOULD pick up on any pest control issues, but it's my opinion that if you're really serious about purchasing a property, also hire a pest control inspection company too, preferably a local one. Why a local one? They are familiar with the seasonality of pest problems in the area. Their experience with local pest problems means they can take an even closer look at the property for signs that it's struggled with such issues in previous seasons. They can also advise you as to how to deal with such issues if you can do so without hiring a pest control team.

If the property passes a pest control inspection, it doesn't mean you have nothing to do in regards to dealing with pests in the future. Let's look at some areas you can work on yourself without relying on third parties.

Use Your Own Bedding
Some property sellers include furnishings in the sale, even bedding. Even though it might be convenient to accept such an offer, it's better to move in your own bedding. This is because the current owner's bedding COULD have bed bugs. Bed bugs are tricky to get rid of if they spread to your clothing and wardrobe.

Thoroughly Hot-wash All Your Clothing Before Moving
It's a good idea to thoroughly wash your clothing before the move. It just ensures that you're not transporting any possible infestation from your old house to your new house via your clothing.

Trim the New Garden Back

You might find you need to trim your new garden back after moving in. This gives the garden a "reset" and allows you to see it at its most minimal. If you're viewing a property in summer and the garden is a little overgrown, ask the owner if they have any images of the garden in winter/cut back. It can give you an idea of potential pest problems. It also gives you an idea of how much natural light the garden will receive when it's at its most minimal.


Always get a second opinion on potential pest control issues regarding a new property you're considering purchasing. Property surveyors may not notice every single potential issue, so it's a good idea to hire a pest control inspection team to give you their opinion on the property too. The property seller should not mind such an inspection, and should see it as a sign you're serious about buying the property. Make your own preparations to minimise any potential pest control problems.

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