A Look at the Benefits and Costs of Owning a Greenhouse

Greenhouse gardening has become very popular in recent years. What's lead to this growth in demand for greenhouses? Well, let's look at the benefits of owning a greenhouse:-
  • you can grow plants, fruits and vegetables that are impossible to grow outside of a greenhouse in your country
  • you can extend the season for the plants, fruits and vegetables you can grow in your country
  • it's a warm haven for you in a cold winter
  • it's not just a barrier between the weather and your beloved plants, fruits and vegetables - it's also a barrier preventing squirrels and other pests from being a nuisance
  • you can fully control the environment - a gardener's dream
It's easy to see what's driving the popularity behind greenhouses, but they do come with disadvantages too :-
  • plonking a greenhouses somewhere in your garden can disrupt the aesthetic appeal of your garden
  • it's not cheap to both build and heat a greenhouse
  • Expect bigger water bills
  • they require a lot of your time to maintain
Having said that, most gardeners anticipate those drawbacks, and so it's a lot easier to budget for such a project when you know the kinds of running costs involved.

If you're an inexperienced gardener, it's really best to get advice from those who already own and maintain a greenshouse. Really think hard about your commitment to building and running a greenhouse. It's a costly project if you get bored after a few months...it will cost to have the building dismantled too. Plan your growing seasons and really be prepared to commit to a greenhouse for the years ahead.

Article kindly provided by omegabuild.com

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