Advantages Of Resin Drives For Your Property

If you are looking for a new driveway there are many options to choose from. Whether it's tarmac, concrete or even loose stones or brick. However, One of the most popular choices of recent times is resin drives. Here we highlight the advances and benefits of choosing resin for your property.

What Is A Resin Drive Made Of?
A resin drive is the combination of a stone aggregate bound with polyurethane resin. To ensure that the mixture is properly coated it is mixed by a process known as a force-action mix to present a cold pour solution.This resin is then applied to the drive and trowelled smooth.

Existing Drive Bases
One of the main advantages of resin drives is that it can be applied to your existing drive base whether it's tarmac or concrete, saving the cost of an excavation of the driveway. When the base is not in a suitable condition, then a base must be installed prior to the resin being laid. It is also one of the easiest and fastest drive installation methods.

Environmentally Friendly
James from Yorkshire company Yorkshire Resin said: "Resin Drives have permeable qualities that other drive solutions lack. Being "permeable" means the drive allows the water to naturally drain through back to the water table through tiny pockets or voids. This reduces surface water and puddles forming on your drive during heavy rainfall thus alleviating both shrinkage and heave. With the recent increase in flooding across the country, especially in coastal areas, the environmental agency produced a list of requirements called Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems or SUD's for short. This spells out the stipulations for driveways where no planning permission is required, should the drive meet the SUD's criteria".

Home improvements can become a bit of a box-ticking exercise and no one wants to have to keep revisiting the same areas of your property again and again. Resin drives have along life and should last at least 10-18 years, with a premier product lasting up to 25 years. Whilst concrete also has the same longevity it doesn't have the aesthetically pleasing features.

Kerb Appeal
Talking of aesthetics, resin drives have been known to increase not only the kerb appeal of a property but also the value. The stunning range of colours and styles means you have a wide choice available to match the aesthetics of your property which is great for those who are looking for an alternative to the blandness of tarmac or concrete.

Minimal Maintenance
For those looking for adriveway solution that requires minimal maintenance a resin drive may be the ideal solution. It has anti-slip properties that conform to BS-7976-2 guidelines and due to its seamless nature there are no worries regarding the dangers of loose stones or flying chips. It is also weed resistant and can withstand any different weather conditions and has been lab tested to withstand the cold snap even at -50*c.

Easy installation, environmentally friendly, minimal maintenance and kerb appeal. No wonder why Resin Drives are becoming the de facto standard for driveways in the UK.

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