All About Landscaping

People have practiced landscaping for centuries, going as far back to the ancient Mayans; humans have been manipulating the land for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Addition of plants, changes to the existing terrain of the land and the building of structures are all part of the process. The modern process refers to the planning, layout and construction of gardens and outdoor spaces to enhance the appearance and to create a usable space.When it comes to landscaping the options are endless. Some people want to create a combination of hardscape and soft-scapes such as having defined patio and plant areas. Others want a space that is designed around sustainability such as a space that saves water and creates a natural looking area. While others want a space complete with usable areas such as barbecue or bar zones or a swimming pool. Whatever your reason to undertake landscaping on your land make sure your use a professional and recommended company to ensure the work is carried out correctly and to a high standard.

Important Things to consider when Planning Landscaping

Know Your Yard

Consider things like the weather you receive in your region, what the soil is like and the type of soil your land is, most landscapers will work with you to create micro climates that are based around always shaded areas, areas in the sun and areas that spend an equal amount of time in both. Also think about who will be using the land as is essential in creating a space that is appropriate for the people using it.

Themes and Linking Spaces

Decide on a theme to unify your landscaping, this will help you choose, materials, shapes, colours, plants and spaces suitable for the style you desire. Landscaping should be thought about in the same way as a room in your house, considering every aspect to create the best space. Linking is how you will move through your garden through dedicated paths, steps for split level access or free flow.


When it comes to plants consider colours, privacy, thickness, heights and how they'll be layered throughout your garden. Using a landscaping specialist will allow them to help you choose and design a space that's best for the type of outdoor space or garden you're looking for. They will ensure your garden is laid out in a way that is accessible and has areas of free flow and privacy.

Attention to Detail and The Future

Create a clear plan with a designer, they will help you to envision what the space will look like. By having a design plan, you have something to work with and stick too, this will allow you to stick to your plan and make sure the work is being carried out in the right way. When it comes to choosing aspects for your garden, consider sustainability if your regularly in your outdoor space then choosing items that need regular care isn't a problem. But if you want something that requires low maintenance then choose plants and items that can be left to more or less look after themselves.

Protect What's Already There

If you have items in your garden like benches or ornaments that can be used again then don't buy new, if you have plants that have been growing for years then dig them up for replanting or work your design around them. Use environmentally friendly resources that are good for the environment or items that collect rain water to water your plants.

Different types of landscape Gardens

  • Japanese
  • Mediterranean
  • English/Cottage
  • Tropical
  • Desert
  • Eco-Friendly

Who Can you Turn to for Landscaping?

When it comes to considering or undertaking landscaping then ensure that it is carried out by professional landscapers, by choosing a team of professionals they will work with you from design to completion to ensure the project is carried out how you'd like and to the highest possible standard. Using landscapers for your landscaping project will ensure that you are provided with a garden or outdoor area that is designed to your specification. They will also help you choose the best resources and plants for your garden to ensure that you have plants that are easy to maintain or plants that only grow to a certain size. By using a landscaping service, you will be provided with a service that individuals simply can't offer.

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