An Introduction to Waterproofing Your Basement

Renting out one's home is a great way to make money. Increasing the rental property's worth by making improvements to the living circumstances for renters is one strategy to maintain a steady flow of income. This includes both interior and exterior upgrades, such as waterproofing the basement.

As a rule, basements are employed for storing seasonal or ancillary items. It might serve as a spare bedroom or a place to watch TV with friends. Waterproofing a basement is a beneficial investment for homeowners and landlords since it increases the value of the house and attracts more potential buyers and tenants.

Waterproofing a basement involves a variety of methods that use sealants and drains to keep water out of the basement. It stops water from seeping into the soil and up the water table, protecting the foundation walls. The process of waterproofing a basement may be carried out as follows:

Interior Waterproofing
If your rental property has poured concrete foundations, pipe penetrations, or fissures, waterproofing your basement is an absolute essential. Leaks in concrete blocks and masonry walls may be sealed using epoxies or urethanes, but not in other materials. Installing a drain tile under the flooring to function as a vapor barrier and a conduit for water to escape is one method of creating an internal water drainage system.

Exterior Waterproofing

Shifts and fractures in the foundation of your rental property's basement may be caused by the soil's expansion and contraction in response to changes in moisture levels. Exterior waterproofing, as opposed to interior waterproofing, is a preventive procedure that prevents water from entering the basement or crawl space of your rental property.

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Increases the Value of Your Investment Property
Waterproofing the basement of your rental home is an excellent way to increase its desirability to current and future renters. Proudly mention it to prospective renters during showings so they can see it being used as anything from a storage space to a media room, guest bedroom, or even a home office or workshop.

Additional benefits of a waterproofed basement include:
  • If your rental property has nice amenities, you may justifiably charge more rent for it.
  • Your renters will appreciate knowing that your rental property is well-supported and is not at risk of experiencing water damage in the near future.
  • Fixing water leaks and dealing with the fallout from them, such mold growth and other health hazards, may be expensive - you can help avoid these if you waterproof your basement
Eliminates the Risk of Flooding
Musty odors, mold and mildew growth, damaged flooring and walls, and ruined furniture and possessions are all possible results of water seepage or leaks in the basement. This is why basement waterproofing is so important for preventing flooding.

Examine your basement for these indications of water damage:-
  • Materials deterioration: flaking or peeling paint might be a sign of water damage in a basement. Take swift action to fix water damage and replace decaying building materials.
  • The discoloration or development of stains that seem yellowish-brown may occur on walls and floors as a result of water damage.
  • The development of mold is encouraged by the presence of water in construction materials.
  • If you don't keep your rental property clean, mold and mildew will spread and destroy the building.
  • Basement foundation, wall, and floor cracks should be addressed immediately. Water and ice put stress on your home's framework, resulting in cracks, especially those bigger than 1/16 of an inch.
  • The most evident sign of soil erosion or foundation problems is a floor that is sinking. This is a major problem that might cause catastrophic damage to the structure of your rental home.
The terrible impacts of water damage may be avoided by waterproofing the basement as soon as feasible. The lifetime of your home's sturdy structure may be ensured by waterproofing it. Your renters will appreciate the additional value of a room that doesn't smell musty or pose any health and safety issues, as well as the extra space it gives.

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