Applying an Epoxy Finished Garage Floor

Are you considering converting your old concrete garage floor into stylish epoxy-finished flooring? This article provides some valuable tips and insights.

Your garage floor can be something other than the old-styled concrete floor. You can spruce it up with stylish epoxy flooring. And this will not only transform the garage in terms of appearance, but you will also have a more durable garage floor. So, continue reading to learn more.

What is an Epoxy Floor Coating?

Often, people need to understand epoxy floor coating. That's probably because of the everyday use of the phrase 'floor epoxy." Ideally, floor epoxy is the standard for a stylish and robust surface. But people will often think that epoxy is paint. The truth is that epoxy and paint are two different products.

An epoxy floor coating is tough, unlike paint coating, and you can get it in different kits. Each kit contains the two-part epoxy, the etching solution, and the decorative color chips. Moreover, each kit will come with instructions for use. It is essential to follow these instructions when applying an epoxy floor coating on the garage floor since they can vary slightly.

Floor Preparation

Before applying an epoxy coat, it is crucial to ensure that the garage floor is in good shape. There should be no chips, cracks, or spalls on the floor. If the floor requires some patching to remove the cracks and chips, ensure that the floor is dry after this process. More importantly, ensure that the floor is appropriately etched and degreased.

Tools and Materials

You will need the epoxy floor coating kit, concrete degrease, painter's tape, broom, paintbrush, paint roller, stiff brush, dry/wet shop vacuum, and personal protection equipment (PPEs), including eye protection and nose covering.

Application Process

It is easy to apply the epoxy finishing on the garage floor by following the instructions on the kit. Usually, the instructions will provide you with a step-by-guide on what to do before or after.

For a perfect epoxy garage floor finishing, follow these steps;
  1. Clean and degrease the garage floor
  2. Etch the concrete garage floor using the etching solution that comes in the epoxy kit and wait until it dries entirely.
  3. Prepare the garage for the epoxy coat application. For example, apply painter's tape along the bases of the walls and remove everything in the garage.
  4. Mix the epoxy according to the instructions provided.
  5. Apply the epoxy coat as fast as possible since you will only have limited time to do this.
  6. Wait for the garage floor to dry without any disturbance.
It is crucial to always stick to the instructions that come with the epoxy kit. Moreover, your epoxy garage floor finishing will only be as good as the preparation of the floor before the actual application.

For the best results, ensure that the garage floor is well prepared. Finally, it will be upon you to decide whether to apply the epoxy coat individually or employ professionals. If it's your first time applying epoxy, and you are still unsure about it, using professionals may be the best option for the best results.

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