Before You Hire a Tree Surgeon, Here is a Primer on Tree Surgery

The scope of professional work covered by tree surgeons varies from the removal of the entire tree to the pruning of branches. Tree surgery includes the complete assessment and inspection of the condition of the tree before any work is carried out. After the inspection it is decided whether the whole tree should be removed or just some of it. If the tree is diseased, the inspection will look at how far the disease has spread, and whether the tree can be saved or needs to be removed altogether.

A tree surgeon's duties are varied, including cutting back branches that have - over time - become a danger to humans below (the branch is in danger of collapsing, particularly in windy conditions). Sometimes the surgeon might even recommend the removal of dead branches, which are suspected of having fungus in them. Sometimes a tree surgeon may even recommend the removal of roots of infected trees to get rid of this disease altogether, which is known as "root rot". If you live in an area that suffers from a lot of problems with trees, you will find that the services of a tree surgeon are required to ensure that the situation does not become worse.

The tree surgeon will do a comprehensive inspection of your tree and recommend the best course of action for the treatment of your tree. The first step in getting the best result out of a tree surgery is to have an inspection done by a qualified arborist so that the surgeon can estimate how much work needs to be done on the tree and what type of services you need to get from them. All surgeons should have insurance cover for their work, and it's something they should tell you. If they DON'T tell you about their cover, ask them.

When looking for a tree surgeon, it's wise to ask friends and family. If they've hired a tree surgeon in the past and recommend them, it's a good bet that this company can be trusted. Even saying that, it's still wise to look at such a company's website, look at their previous work and testimonials. Also, as mentioned earlier, look at their insurance cover too. Furthermore, you should compare their services and pricing to other local surgeons in the area. No matter how strong the recommmendation from friends and family, you should always do your due diligence.

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