Benefits of Adding Skylights to your Garden Room and Outdoor Living Spaces

Skylights have been a feature in many Domestic and Commercial buildings for some time now, and can add natural daylight and warmth which has been proved to improve our health. Flat Roof Skylights can also help with the relief of stress, whether it's a starry night or bright blue skies, skylights offer a beautiful and natural view to the outdoors.

So with the ever increasing amount of Garden Rooms and Garden Spaces being built, why not add a Skylight?

What you need to consider

Like any window or door on a building, precious heat can be lost during the winter months. The Consumer Energy Centre has reported that up to 45% of heat can be lost through convection with a roof window. However, you can save electricity during the daytime due to natural light coming through the window (Thermal Heat Gain) - so no need for artificial lighting.

Heat loss can be prevented by choosing a skylight with a good U-Value, something like a Flat Glass Rooflight can offer stunning visuals as well as great U-Value, helping keep the heat in.

If your Garden Room has a pitched roof, you will maybe want to consider something like a VELUX Roof Window. This is all down to the pitch of the roof and the type of waterproofing being used. Generally Flat Roof Skylights are used on Roofs with a pitch 0 - 15 Deg. Pitched Roof Windows 15 - 90 Deg. If you are unsure of the type of Skylight you need, consult your architect or designer.

Why not consider fitting a skylight in your study or home office to take advantage of these positives?

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