Choosing the Right Material for your Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds come in a variety of different materials, including PVC, aluminium, and wood. Each one has different qualities, so before you place your order for made to measure Venetian blinds remember to consider the conditions where you will be putting them, to ensure that you choose the most appropriate material. If you are going to order blinds be sure to keep the following tips in mind as you could be overwhelmed with all the different styles, colours and materials that are available.

Venetian Blind's for Kitchens and Bathrooms

For the kitchen, you should choose a material that will not be affected by the moisture that can occur while cooking. Even running the hot water, or boiling a kettle, can produce quite a bit of water vapour, so choose either PVC or aluminium Venetian blinds. Either of these can take the steam, and both offer a variety of styles and colours to match your kitchen decor.

The bathroom, like the kitchen, can be a steamy place, and not only that, your blinds may also be subject to direct water from splashing in the bath or shower. Again, your best choice to stand up to these kinds of conditions would be either aluminium or PVC Venetian blinds.

Bedroom Venetian Blind Choices
In the bedroom, one of the main functions of the blind is often not only to provide privacy, but also to block out the direct rays of the sun and to absorb some of the heat, to keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature. Venetian are full bodied to afford excellent privacy, yet light-weight and easy to open. They also effectively block strong sun and absorb heat. They are available in a range of colours, and the natural look can combine with the peaceful decor of a bedroom.

For a child's bedroom, resilience could be a key factor in choosing the right blind material. PVC Venetian blinds are tough, easy to clean and come in bright, happy colours. You might want to consider choosing a cordless version for added safety with young children.

Venetian Blinds for Lounges and Work Spaces
The lounge is often one of the most important rooms of the house where family members spend a large amount of time and where guests are received. Perhaps here, more than any other room of the house, you can let yourself be influenced more by colours and styles as PVC, aluminium or wooden Venetian blinds are all perfect for this room. Some people prefer the natural, cosy feel that timber blinds offer, while others might prefer PVC for the great variety of colours and diversity of slat sizes that they come in. If you have lots of windows in your lounge, then don't overlook the fact that aluminium Venetian blinds offer the most economic option, and they still offer excellent serviceability and style.

If you need a blind for a small space, like a walkway, stairwell, or a glass door a slimline aluminium Venetian blind is both practical and functional. They are slim and straightforward to maximise space in a small area.

For an office or study, you can't beat the practicality of PVC Venetian blinds. They are long-lasting, so they can stand up to repeated opening and closing, lowering and raising to adjust the light and sun protection, for a comfortable working or studying environment. They are simple to wipe clean and come in a fantastic variety of styles and colours. Of course, aluminium or timber Venetian blinds are also ideal options for this space, so you have lots of choices.

So, before you make a decision about your custom Venetian blinds make sure that you consider which material best meets your needs and tastes for the space you are buying for.

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