Clean Your Way to a Quick Property Sale

When it comes to selling your home, there is one excellent tip I will give you: ensure every part of your house is sparkling when your prospective property buyers call around to look at the place.

And by clean, I mean CLEAN. I don't mean simply picking up the paper off the floor and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. No, you must make your property as clean as a "show" house that new build properties have. So how far should you go when it comes to cleaning? Firstly, let me just say that the following cleaning suggestions are based on the idea that a number of property viewers will visit your house, and these cleaning tasks can be done in preparation for the period of time your property is being viewed - they don't need to be done before every viewing.

Cleaning Suggestions
  • Have the carpets cleaned by a professional company
  • Have the carpets cleaned by a professional company
  • Have your furniture cleaned - including the sofa, the dining table (french polished). It doesn't matter that property buyers aren't buying your furniture - it's all part of the presentation.
  • Have your windows cleaned regularly - dirty windows are easily noticed!
  • Ensure the bathrooms and kitchen are sparkling clean
  • Ensure the garden is regularly mowed, trim and hedges and edges
  • Time to de-junk? Maybe it's time to sell/give to charity all those items you never use - it's one way to create space and give your property a more minimal, clean look
Overall, the effect is to give the property viewer a pleasant experience where each room is seen in the best light. Consider that other properties won't go to these lengths so you can give yourself a sold advantage in following these cleaning tips.

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