Different Types of Patios

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You would have seen many houses with bad looking outdoors. No matter how big and beautiful the house is, if the outside of the house is not in well shape, it can ruin the whole look of the house. To inspire people and make them love your house, it is important to design and decorate the outside of the house. There are so many different way to decorate the outdoor of your house, Depends on the available space. Having a patio or pool (or both) in your back garden is one of the best ways to decorate the outside of the house and make it comfortable and elegant. However, mostly people go with patio. There are so many types of patios in so many colours and designs.

Concrete is a very simple material to be used in patio and some people do not like it. There are still those people who use this material because it is available in lower price. Those people can use this material in stamped pattern, which is available dyed in colouring agent to give a more natural but beautiful look. The bad thing about these patios is that it requires a lot of maintenance. The application of the colour will be required after every two years so that it remain in good shape for as long time. If the patio is bearing a lot of heavy traffic, the colour will wear down sooner. To make it more beautiful, you can add piece of mirror in different design and style.

Natural Stone or Flagstone
Everyone knows that stones provide a very natural look to everything they have been used in. There are so many types of natural stones in different colours and shapes that can be used in patio. You can also dye the stones in colour, which can match with the furniture you want to place. There is bluestone, flagstone, slate or limestone. All these types of stones look very classy and elegant. The stone can be more expensive than concrete because the transportation cost is also higher of stone. Stones also take longer to adjust in the space that is why its installation cost in also higher.

The red bricks give the look of a old and classy look to patio. It looks very good but still many people do not prefer because its maintenance is very costly and it is hectic thing to do it again and again. It also remains moisture all the time so it is very bad in cold places where winters are very long. It also gets very slippery.


Pavers are available in many different sizes, shapes and colours. They are also being made in different patterns. The pavers are now being manufactured especially in factories. High end homes have also use pavers in their patio.

No matter what type of patio you are going to add in your house, they can only be built on a level surface. If the surface has not been levelled, the patio will not remain in good shape for longer and it will also need a lot of maintenance.

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