Do Not DIY a Blocked Drain - Call Professionals

You're in a rush - you're already late for work, and yet something seems "off" as you leave the house. There's a smell in the air...ah, it could be a blocked drain. It's the last thing you need. As you drive to work, you worry about the cost of calling out a company to check the drains. You get to work, and ask Dave in accounts about blocked drains, as he always seems a very practical kind of guy. He says "save yourself some money, and look up some drain cleaning videos on youtube".

No, don't.

We're a professional drainage company, and we're often called out only after a home owner has tried several methods to unblock their drains - resulting in days of foul odour and hours of their time wasted. Not only that, but we've often been called out after the home owner's hired a drainage company that hasn't done the job properly, with the drain quickly becoming reblocked in a matter of days.

The causes of drain blocks are myriad, and you really need an expert to analyse the cause of the block in order to find the remedy. Treating the symptoms alone is a stab in the dark, and the last thing you want to do is pay two drainage companies to do the job. This is why CCTV surveys are so necessary in drain maintenance - for diagnostical reasons. It's all about the cause - when you know the cause, you can apply the right solution.

Be on the look out for symptoms of a blocked drain. It's not just a foul smell that might alert you, but also:-
  • Slow draining sinks
  • overflow/high level of water in sinks/toilets
  • gurgling showers, toilets and sink plugholes
Where to find such a professional company? Do your research online. Look at each drainage company's history, and testimonials if they have any. Phone around, don't settle on the first company you find.

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