Duct Cleaning for Clean, Fresh Air in Your Home

The air ducts of a heating and cooling system serve as the lungs of a building. They allow fresh air to enter a home while breathing out used air via the vents. As long as the ducts are working properly, the heating and cooling system protects the occupants of a building from air pollution. But, ducts get dirty. When this happens, air ducts can be the cause of some health issues that building occupants can suffer from.

Perhaps, you should think about the amount of time that you spend indoors at home or in the workplace. On average, most people spend up to 90% of their time within indoor settings. As such, ensuring that air ducts are clean is a great way to make sure that they inhale quality air.

When is Duct Cleaning Necessary?
Duct cleaning should be a routine exercise. That's because it prevents some health problems. It also reduces the levels of dust inside a building. Experts recommend air duct cleaning when:
  • Mold starts growing inside the HVAC equipment or the duct or when you notice red flags like a musty smell from the supply vents. You should also clean the air ducts when you notice mold spores on the grilles.
  • You realize that some vermin occupy or have lived in the air ducts. In some cases, duct replacement is a good idea if you notice this.
  • You notice large debris or dust amounts in the ducts. You can even notice particles being released from the supply vents.
Proper duct cleaning is primarily important for ensuring clean, fresh air supply into your home. If you have a family member that suffers from allergies and the previous occupants of the home had pets, you should clean the ducts before moving in. What's more, you should clean the duct if the previous occupants of your home did not change or even used air filter. Essentially, proper duct cleaning optimizes the quality of indoor air.

Proper Air Duct Cleaning
You most likely don't intend to clean the air ducts without professional assistance. That's because you don't have the portable or truck-mounted vacuums that are required for this job. Without the right equipment, you won't reach the inside of the air duct and clean the grime out. That's why most homeowners leave this job to professional air duct cleaners.

Once you hire experts to clean the air duct for you, expect the following:
  • Complete air duct and grilles cleaning- This entails the removal of any dust, mold, gunk, and other forms of debris from the air duct and grilles. This exercise leaves the inside of your ducts sparkling clean.
  • Indoor coil and blower motor cleaning- The quality of indoor air will be affected negatively if these components of the heating and cooling system are dirty. The best contractor will, therefore, clean the indoor coil and blower motor properly.
  • Filter replacement- Professional duct cleaners will replace old filters in the return vents. This ensures that the air getting into your home is fresh, clean, and healthy.
These are the bare minimums that you should expect from professional air duct cleaners. If there is mold to be removed from your ducts, ask the contractor to add antimicrobial sanitizers. This will prevent mold from growing in your system again. Nevertheless, make sure that the duct cleaning job is done by qualified experts to ensure a proper supply of clean and fresh air into your home.

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